All Vote By Mail requests expired after the 2022 General Election. To request Vote By Mail for 2024 elections, visit our Vote By Mail Online Request or call 800-851-8754.



Information about registering to vote in Pasco County.
Find out if you are registered to vote, the status of your vote by mail ballot, and your polling place information.
This entails the forms for both the Florida State Voter Registration and Online Voter Registration applications.
Listed in this section by community are all the sites where you may obtain a current voter registration application.
Update your voter registration application for errors or inaccuracies in the relevant sections. Application resources and guides are also provided.
Voter's Guide with a comprehensive list of information for voter participation, including responsibilities and rights.
View the status of your Pasco County-issued provisional ballot.
Questions commonly asked about the voting process and it's procedures.
Florida Statute regulations regarding public disclosure of personnel information. Qualifying individuals for statute protection can access an Exemption Request form and find additional details here.
Search past and current statistics for voter registration. These are ordered by event category and time period.
Government officials affiliated with Pasco County, including contact details, websites and cities where offices are located.
List of resources for voters who may require language assistance for translation and understanding instructions at voting sites.
Request form for voter registration removal. This may be used to notify changes in county residency or registration status.
Frequently Asked Questions about Felon Voting Rights and Voting Restoration. This contains information about the terms of the voting process regarding voters with felony convictions.