All Vote By Mail requests expired after the 2022 General Election. To request Vote By Mail for 2023 and 2024 elections, visit our Vote By Mail Online Request or call 800-851-8754.

Core Values


  • Cornerstone of Elections Administration
  • Openness in Operations (Public Test, Vote-By-Mail Canvassing, Data Requests, etc.)
  • Website - (Real-time Turnout, Early Voting Wait Times, Election Results)

Operational Efficiency:

  • All procedures, protocols, and processes are in place to provide efficient, effective voter service as well as follow statutory regulations
  • Goal is to be fiscally responsible and a good steward of the public trust
  • Utilize past and current data to make effective decisions regarding equipment and personnel
  • Ongoing assessment and quality control of the organization and internal operations


  • A commitment to nonpartisan service to all voters
  • Goal is to serve all citizens of Pasco County
  • Educate constituents on the registration process and the ease of voting
  • Be responsive to inquiries and requests
  • Be accountable to the elections team as well as the citizens of Pasco County