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Political Committees


Where Does a Political Committee Register? (Area, Scope and Jurisdiction)

A political committee's desired area, scope and jurisdiction will determine where the committee must register. If a political committee's area, scope or jurisdiction changes, the committee must update its organizational forms. Jurisdictional changes will require that a committee re-register with the proper entity.

1. Political committees supporting or opposing statewide, legislative, multi-county candidates and/or issues must register with the Florida Division of Elections.

2. Political committees supporting or opposing only municipal candidates or issues must register with the municipal clerk. Contact the municipal clerk for more information.

3. Political committees supporting or opposing countywide or less than countywide candidates and/or issues (except municipal) must register with the county elections’ office.

4. A political committee required to file in two or more locations only needs to file with the Florida Division of Elections.

Political Committee Registration Forms

Register a political committee in Pasco County or make changes to an existing county political committee by completing and submitting the forms below.

Campaign Financial Reporting System

  • The Pasco County Supervisor of Elections’ office provides access to their Campaign Financial Reporting System for the filing of required campaign finance reports. The Pasco County Campaign Financial Reporting System facilitates the electronic filing of required campaign finance reports in lieu of filing original and signed campaign finance reports by hand delivery or standard mail.
  • Upon filing Forms DSDE 5, DS-DE 6, and DSDE 41, the chairman will execute an affidavit regarding the electronic filing system. The chair and treasurer will then be provided sign-on credentials and signature PINs that provides access to the reporting system and allows for electronic submission of financial reports.
  • A list of required financial reports will be given to the chairperson and treasurer designating reporting periods and due dates.

Closing a Political Committee (Voluntarily Disbanding)

A political committee, registered with the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections, can voluntarily close its registration (also known as disbanding) by notifying the Qualifying Officer in writing as soon as possible.  Contact the office at 800-851-8754 for guidance.

Closing of a Political Committee due to “Conduct Warranting Cancellation”

As indicated in Florida Statute 106.03 and 106.07, the Supervisor of Elections has jurisdiction over political committees registered in Pasco County. Rule 1S-2.021, of the Florida Administrative Code, contains the procedure to dissolve and/or cancel the registration of a political committee.