The 2024 General Election ballot will be lengthy. Avoid lines and vote from the convenience of your home.

To request Vote By Mail for 2024 elections, visit our Vote By Mail Online Request or call 800-851-8754.


Methods and instructions for ways to vote within Pasco County.
An extended and comprehensive guide for the voting by mail option, videos and PDFs provided.
Eligibility requirements, locations and schedules for early voting.
General information for election days such as poll schedule and necessary items to provide.
Election schedule and deadlines for changing party affiliation.
Ballot locations and dates for consensus sample
Locate your precinct to find the designated polling place for Election Day.
Requirements of the Constitutional Amendments, regarding the provision of financial information statements for citizens.
Election Results for past election periods.
The Supervisor of Elections and its role regarding municipal elections.
A guide for Florida voters about Judicial Elections, provided by Florida Judicial Committees. This is formatted as a series of questions and answers.
Anticipated allocation of resources for various election periods, compiled as a report. (PDF)
Information about closed primaries for undeclared party preferences.
Frequently asked questions about optical scan voting and additional information about the process.
A step by step guide to ensure that you have fulfilled the steps necessary in preparation for elections.
Resources for initiative petitions, including rules and forms.
An unofficial report for statistics of voter turnout.
Requirements for authorized personnel seeking to inspect ballot materials and directions for submitting a request for access.