New Election Year

  • 21 January 2022
  • Author: Pasco Staff
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With the new year, my staff and I are preparing for the 2022 election cycle which will be here before we know it!
With careful preparation and thorough planning, we will once again pledge to fulfill our promise of delivering
another cycle of transparent, trouble-free and secure elections with timely and accurate results.

With that in mind, there is something that every current registered voter in Pasco can do to help us get off to the
right start. To prepare for the new election cycle, we ask that you help us do our job better by ensuring that your
voter registration is up to date. The more accurate our file, the better able we are to serve the voters of Pasco
County. If you have moved, purchased a new home, changed your name or wish to change your party affiliation,
NOW is the time to make those updates to your voter registration record.

Additionally, with the increase in popularity of vote-by-mail, the signature file becomes even more important.
Anytime something is processed to a voter registration record, there is a Statutory regulated comparison of the
signature that is on file with our office. Signatures change over time due to aging or medical conditions. As
such, now is the time to make sure an updated signature is on file with your voter registration record.
In most cases, such as updating your signature, it’s as simple as completing a voter registration application,
available on-line at, at your local library, post office, or by calling our office 800-851-8754 to
request one. In the case of an address change, it can be accomplished via e-mail through our website Party change requests and name changes must be submitted on a voter registration

Not sure if you’re even registered? That information is also available from our website or by calling 800-851-
8754. Your individual responsibility in partnering with us will go far in continuing the tradition of stellar elections
we in Pasco County have become accustomed to.