Implementation of Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

October 2020 Newsletter

  • 16 September 2020
  • Author: Pasco Elections
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Implementation of Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) 
The implementation of Florida's membership to the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) will begin by mailing over 2 million postcards to potentially eligible but unregistered Floridians encouraging them to use the online voter registration platform and vote in the November 3, 2020 General Election. This initial campaign marks the start of the long-awaited partnership with ERIC, something my colleagues throughout Florida and I advocated for several years prior to Governor DeSantis's announcement in August 2019. 

ERIC is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization, that will provide ongoing secure data that will enable Florida to cross-check data with other member states. Through sharing voter registration data between states, motor vehicle licensing data and the Social Security Administration Master Death Index, the Florida Voter Registration System database will be improved by identifying voters who have moved out of the state and within the state, voters who have died and voters who may have duplicate registrations.

In the past, voter registration list maintenance was challenging due to an antiquated system of paper forms, handwriting, mail, and dependency on whether voters would follow-up and respond. New technology in conformance with the National Voter Registration Act will greatly improve the efficiency with which elections administrators maintain the integrity of the voter rolls, will subsequently bolster confidence in the accuracy of the elections process, and provide targeted voter outreach opportunities.
ERIC is governed and managed by the member states with each state having a representative to the ERIC Board of Directors. It was formed in 2012 and now has 30 states plus the District of Columbia in membership. 

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