Requirements and Duties


Pollworker Pamphlet

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Please Note, all Pollworkers must:

  • reside in Pasco County

  • be a registered voter in Pasco County

  • have internet access for some portions of training


What are Pollworkers?

Pollworkers are people that work at the polling places on Election Day. There are seven different types of positions to be filled for each election: Precinct Supervisor, Voting System Specialist, Attendant, EViD Specialist, EViD Operator, Ballot Distributor, and Poll Deputy. Pollworkers who work Election Day are compensated.

  • The Precinct Supervisor is the person in charge of all activity at a polling place. The Precinct Supervisor is ultimately responsible for the performance of the precinct on Election Day.

  • The Voting System Specialist (VSS) is responsible for the voting equipment at the polling place. The VSS is responsible for the opening and closing of the optical scanner and the ADA ballot marking device. The VSS assists voters with ballot issues at the equipment, privacy booth and distributes "I Voted" stickers.

  • The Attendant is responsible for assisting the VSS during opening and closing procedures. Once the polls open, the attendant assists voters with ballot issues at the  optical scanner, the privacy booth and distributes "I Voted" stickers.

  • The EViD Specialist is responsible for the opening and closing of the Electronic Voter iDentification (EViD) systems. The EViD Specialist also verifies voter eligibility using the EViD unit. They may complete paper work during the day and contact the Phone Bank for information necessary to process voters at the polling place.

  • The EViD Operator is responsible for assisting the EViD Specialist during opening and closing procedures. Once the polls open, they verify voter eligibility using the EViD unit. They issue voting passes to eligible voters.

  • The Ballot Distributor is responsible for collecting voting passes and issuing a paper ballot to all eligible voters that have been processed by the EViD Operators. The Ballot Distributor verifies and reconciles the ballots for their precinct.

  • The Poll Deputy maintains law and order, all day, outside the polling place and assists voters as needed. Poll Deputies are required to pass a background check prior to working the polls. 

  • Alternates are pollworkers who must attend training sessions to be ready to work on Election Day as the need arises.

Training Sessions

Florida Statutes require that all pollworkers receive training before each election. The training is mandatory for all pollworkers assigned to work, as well as alternates. These sessions are held during the month preceding both the primary and the general elections. Required training depends upon your assignment and can vary from 2 to 10 hours.

Physical Requirements

Physical requirements include standing, bending, stooping, lifting approximately 30 pounds with assistance, normal vision and manual/physical dexterity.

Clerical Requirements

Pollworkers must be able to read and write the English language. Many positions require basic computer skills.

Work Hours and Rates of Pay

The average work day starts at 6:00 a.m. and ends at approximately 8:00 p.m. The rates of pay vary for each position.

In Pasco County, pollworkers are paid following each election (approximately 2 weeks).

How Can I Become a Pollworker?

You must complete an online Pollworker application and you must have an email address. The Supervisor of Elections' office will contact you to schedule an orientation. At this meeting you will be briefed on pollworker duties and responsibilities, hours to be worked, training sessions, physical and clerical requirements and rates of pay. You will be given an opportunity to ask any other election-related questions that might help you decide if this is a job for you. You will be advised if you have not qualified to be a pollworker. Qualified applicants will be added to our pollworker file and notified by email when they are scheduled for training and have an election assignment.

If you are interested, please complete the online application.

****NOTE: If you retired from an FRS employer less than one year ago, working as a Poll Worker may jeopardize your FRS pension. Contact the Florida Retirement System at 1-866-446-9377 to verify how working as Poll Worker will affect your FRS benefits****.