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Electronic Filing

What is Electronic Filing?

All Campaign Treasurer's reports are to be filed electronically using the Supervisor of Elections' Candidate/Committee Financial Reporting system. The campaign treasurer will input the required information via the Internet. Once all data is entered and verified, the treasurer and candidate will enter PIN numbers to electronically submit the reports.

As of May 1, 2010, a report is considered legally filed when the report is submitted on-line to the elections' office. There is no requirement to file a hard copy of any report with the Pasco County elections' office.

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What are the Advantages to Electronic Filing?

Electronic filing will provide the public, news media and candidates easier access to campaign finance information. Upon receipt of the information, Campaign Treasurer's reports will be made available on the Supervisor of Election's web site. The candidate/public may view or print the campaign finance report(s) or download the report.

Elections' staff will be available in each location to answer basic questions on computer entry and data research.

Campaign treasurers will find electronic filing easy to use. Contribution/expenditure totals, as well as balances carried forward from the last report are computed electronically, eliminating such manual errors as addition/subtraction, transpositions, and figures inadvertently posted to the wrong column. Immediately preceding each election, the deadline for reporting becomes more critical as the report due dates increase in frequency. If, upon auditing the report, the Supervisor of Elections' office determines that an amendment must be filed, then, time is of the essence in order that the amendment be filed and reflected in all records prior to the filing of the next report. The implementation of electronic filing has significantly decreased the need for amendments.

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Which Candidates Must File Electronically?

All candidates who file a Form DS-DE 9, Appointment of Campaign Treasurer, will be required to file their Campaign Treasurer's reports electronically.

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What Software is Needed to File Electronically?

No special software is required. Electronic filing is provided to candidates at no cost. Access to the system is available through unique IDs and passwords given to each candidate by the elections' office.

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