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Outside Group Questioning Pasco County Voters at their Residences

  • 15 September 2021
  • Author: Pasco Elections
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Date: Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:39:12
From: Pasco County Supervisor of Elections

Media Alert
September 15, 2021
Contact: Brian Corley, SOE

Outside Group Questioning Pasco County Voters at their Residences

Pasco County, FL - Brian Corley, Supervisor of Elections.

Our office has been made aware that individuals have begun and will continue to go to registered voters' homes throughout Pasco County to inquire and verify information for voters at that particular address and possibly inquiring if those person(s) voted in the 2020 General Election.

Pasco County voters need to be aware that these individuals are not affiliated with the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections' Office.  These activities are also occurring in other Florida Counties and we have received information from another Supervisor of Elections' Office that an individual went to a voter's home and misrepresented themselves as being with that county and/or the Supervisor of Elections' Office.

Additionally, in spite of lobbying by Florida's Supervisor's of Elections, voter's personal information from their voter file (e.g. name, address, phone number, email address, designated political party, which elections you voted in) is public record.  "Voters often contact my office with concerns about their personal information being publicly available. Voters shouldn't have to choose between protecting their personal information with exercising their constitutional right to vote," said Supervisor Corley.

While third party groups have a legal right to voter information, please know your Supervisor of Elections' Office staff does not come to your house inquiring as to your voting history.

If an individual indicates they are with "Pasco County" or the "Pasco County Supervisor of Elections' Office," please contact us at 1-800-851-8754.