Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information Responsible for Further Erosion of Voter Confidence

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July 28, 2020
Contact:  Tami Bentley

Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information Responsible for Further Erosion of Voter Confidence

Pasco County FL - Brian E. Corley, Supervisor of Elections.  The Voter Participation Center (VPC) and Center for Voter Information (CVI) have once again targeted Pasco County voters with unwanted, inaccurate information arousing suspicion and eroding the confidence of the electorate.

"Our Call Center is taking the brunt of this organization's misguided mail campaigns," said Supervisor Corley.  "Voters react defensively and suspiciously to mail that misspells their name and is seemingly tied to their actual voter registration."

For years, Florida Supervisors of Elections have been in continuous communication with VPC and CVI regarding the negative impact of their mail campaigns to voters, elections administrators and their staffs. "At a time when voter confidence is at an all-time low, these organizations choose to turn a blind eye and become part of the problem instead of the solution," said Supervisor Corley.

The latest VPC and CVI mailings are pre-filled vote-by-mail ballot requests.  Many have misspellings in the names and early versions of the form neglected to ask voters for statutorily required information.  This negligence creates a backlog for staff which attempts to contact voters for required information to fulfill the request.

The mailings of VPC and CVI consistently result in confused and angered voters who are suspicious that their voter registration has in some way been compromised.  "My number one message to the voters of Pasco is that these mailings are in no way affiliated with my office," said Supervisor Corley.  "We already have reliable tools in place for Pasco voters to register, update their registration, check their status and request a vote-by-mail ballot."

For the most accurate information regarding your voter registration and to request a vote-by-mail ballot:
Register to vote or update your voter registration address using the online voter registration form at:
Request a vote-by-mail ballot at:
Call 1-800-851-8754 for assistance.

For grievances regarding the mailing please contact the individual organizations using the information provided on the mailing.

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