Supervisor of Elections Warns Pasco Voters!

  • 7 September 2016
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Contact:  Tami Bentley

Supervisor of Elections Warns Pasco Voters! 
Misleading Information from the Voter Participation Center 
Due to Hit Mailboxes Again 

Pasco County FL – Brian E. Corley, Supervisor of Elections, warns Pasco County voters of the September mail campaign by the Washington D.C. based Voter Participation Center (VPC). The VPC uses erroneous and outdated address information to mail pre-filled voter registration applications to what the organization believes are potential registrants. 

Past mailings of the VPC caused anger and confusion to voters who were already registered to vote, or who received pre-filled applications for their deceased relatives or family members that never resided in Florida.  Voters mistakenly believed the mailing came from the Supervisor of Elections’ Office and called to express their anger at how the mailings created mistrust and further eroded their confidence in the system.  

“Already-registered voters called in a panic thinking that for reasons out of their control their voter registration was invalidated,” said Supervisor Corley.  “This was very confusing to them, and rightly so.” 

For the most accurate information about your voter registration, voters can check their registration status at the Division of Elections website using this link:
or the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections’ office website: .  Voters can also call our office at 800-851-8754 for confirmation of their registration.  

For grievances regarding the erroneous mailings from VPC contact Jennifer Carrier of the Voter Participation Center at (202) 420-3034 or toll free at (877) 255-6750, or visit

“My staff and I have dealt with the VPC in the past, and sadly, they continue to cause unnecessary confusion for the voters. Our time is better spent actively preparing for the upcoming General Election, so it’s time the voters let VPC know about the chaos they create.” 

The Voter Participation Center in 2008, 2012, 2015, and earlier this year launched voter registration campaigns using erroneous consumer data lists that were outdated. In 2014 their campaign focused on vote-by-mail ballot requests which created confusion for voters who had already requested and sent in their vote-by-mail ballot.
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