Pasco County Public Transportation to Provide Free Rides to Polls

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March 8, 2016
Contact:  Tami Bentley

(352) 521-4302

Pasco County Public Transportation 
to Provide Free Rides to Polls 

Pasco County FL - Supervisor of Elections Brian E. Corley would like to
remind voters of the partnership between the Pasco County Public
Transportation Department (PCPT) and the Supervisor of Elections to provide
Pasco County voters free rides on PCPT buses to the polling locations on
election day, Tuesday, March 15, 2016.  

Pasco County Public Transportation Director, Philip Pumphrey, endorsed the
partnership to encourage and promote participation in the election process
while introducing public transportation as a viable option for travel
throughout Pasco County. 

"I couldn't be happier with this proposal or more grateful for the
opportunity to partner with PCPT," said Supervisor Corley.  "I think
providing an opportunity for citizens to exercise their right to vote is a
worthy cause and serves as an exemplary example of good government."  

For more information about PCPT go to the following link:

Brian E. Corley, Supervisor of Elections
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