Warns Pasco Voters of Misleading Information From the Voter Participation Center

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Supervisor of Elections
Warns Pasco Voters of Misleading Information
From the Voter Participation Center

Pasco County FL - Brian E. Corley, Supervisor of Elections, reports his
offices have fielded questions from confused voters who are receiving voter
registration applications from the Voter Participation Center (VPC).  Voters
mistakenly believe the mailing is coming from the Pasco Supervisor of
Elections' Office. 

"The majority of the phone calls we are receiving are from already
registered voters who are questioning what has happened to their voter
registration, or they are questioning why they have received pre-filled
applications in the names of their adult children, underage children, and
recently, a deceased child," said Supervisor Corley.  "This is very
confusing to them, and rightly so. It is creating suspicion, mistrust, and
increased anger about how public and readily available their private
information is."   

Voters who receive this mailing can check their voter registration status at
the Division of Elections website using this link:
lling-place/  or call the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections' office at

"I am encouraging any voter who receives this notice to check their voter
registration status before pushing the panic button," said Supervisor
Corley. "For those who receive applications for other family members who are
underage or don't even reside in this state, I am advising them to shred and
discard the forms.  We have dealt with this organization in the past, and
sadly, they continue to cause unnecessary confusion for the voters." 

The Voter Participation Center in 2008 and 2012 launched voter registration
campaigns using erroneous consumer data lists that were outdated. In 2014
their campaign focused on vote-by-mail ballot requests which created
confusion for voters who had already requested and sent in their
vote-by-mail ballot. Misleading campaigns such as this further erode the
confidence of voters and unnecessarily place a burden on the elections'
office staff which is actively preparing for the upcoming election cycle.   

For the most accurate information regarding voter registration and voting by
mail, voters should contact the Supervisor of Elections' Office by calling
800-851-8754 or refer to  

Brian E. Corley, Supervisor of Elections
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