All Vote By Mail requests expired after the 2022 General Election. To request Vote By Mail for 2023 and 2024 elections, visit our Vote By Mail Online Request or call 800-851-8754.

Training Facilities

Pasco County currently uses two main pollworker training locations.

The Concourse Event Center

The Concourse Event Center is a NEW location for West Pasco and Central Pasco pollworkers. It is located at 11919 Alric Pottberg Road in Shady Hills. This facility is located on the same property as Safety Town and The Rotary Pavilion. This training facility has a few paved parking spots around the building.  However, parking is available in the grassy areas around the entire building. 



The Elections Service Center

The Elections Service Center training room located in the Pasco County Technology Center is used for East Pasco and Central Pasco pollworkers. The training room is located at 38283 McDonald Street in Dade City. 

Occasionally, West Pasco trainings may occur at the elections’ office in the West Pasco Government Center located at 8731 Citizens Drive, Suite 110 in New Port Richey.